Sjaan Wilkinson

The hallmarks of coaching are performance, learning, development and personal growth
It is distinguishable from mentoring, counselling, consulting, therapy and training Coaching can unleash potential, help remove limiting assumptions and create change Coaching aims to energise, motivate and inspire a person to make better quality decisions Awareness of yourself and others can be raised leading you to seeing things differently You can learn to respond to situations differently rather than react in the same old ways Coaching can assist you in managing transitions and discover your true self The focus in coaching is on the present and the future, and how to reach your goals Coaching can assist you in getting from where you are to where you want to be Your own insight will be encouraged and your present assumptions can be challenged Coaching can help you gain clarity on your purpose in life and identify your strengths The coaching relationship is a collaborative one where coach and client work together When coached, you can become unstuck and begin living your values
“ Change your thoughts and you change your world.”                                    (Norman Vincent Peale)